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Does your website 'talk' to the rest of your business?

Introducing: eCommerce Website Integration

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Online businesses consist of multiple components

If you are selling online - or aspiring to do so - you will find yourself facing a whole new set of challenges with online orders arriving through your website but not flowing through to the rest of your business.

You may be operating an inventory management system, a CRM solution and you'll most certainly have a financial accounting package somewhere in the mix. These systems will eventually need to be updated to reflect your online transactions, including stock level changes, revenue, price updates as well as product additions and removals. Typically, this results in labour-intensive, manual data re-entry that is slow, error-prone and not very popular with the staff. And to make things worse, you may find yourself doing some or all of this twice: once in the relevant internal system and then also on your website or online catalogue / shopping cart.

Closing the Gap

Whether it's uploading product or stock information to your website, re-entering online sales into your accounting software or simply printing orders for fulfilment, let us help you close the gap between your website and these other internal applications. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, we have a range of integration methods and tools to suit your unique situation that are guaranteed save you serious amounts of time and money - not to mention agony!

Check out these case studies to see how some of our clients are benefiting from our eCommerce Website Integration offerings.

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  • Convergence has been working with clients of all sizes and across all industries for more that 16 years.
  • We can help you integrate your various IT systems [e.g. website shopping cart, accounting software, ERP, POS  and/or inventory]  so they 'talk' and exchange critical data with each other - saving you lots of time and money while avoiding 'human error' and other hassles.
  • A dedicated team of IT professionals, we are able to share advice, implement solutions and provide support across a wide variety of software systems and solutions.