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iStock_000002124574XSmall_1.jpgThe Team at Convergence are technology professionals, but first and foremost we are business people.
We understand business objectives and the importance of information technology strategies support these.
We appreciate the intense challenges of changing economic environments and the need for businesses to achieve their goals in pragmatic and realistic ways.
Our primary focus is always to fully understand your current and most pressing business goals and challenges, and to ensure that your information technology supports your strategies.

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Phone: +64 9 525 2611
Enquiries: Mark Presnell
+64 21 648330
Skype: mpresnell


  • Convergence has been working with clients of all sizes and across all industries for more that 16 years.
  • We can help you integrate your various IT systems [e.g. website shopping cart, accounting software, ERP, POS  and/or inventory]  so they 'talk' and exchange critical data with each other - saving you lots of time and money while avoiding 'human error' and other hassles.
  • A dedicated team of IT professionals, we are able to share advice, implement solutions and provide support across a wide variety of software systems and solutions.