How?   What?   When?   Why?

Once you submit your contact details via the below form we will make contact to arrange a suitable time to discuss your requirements. One of our consultants will speak to you either face-to-face or over the phone [possibly involving screen sharing] to get a better understanding of your unique circumstances and environment.

We will take the time to establish which applications [i.e. end-points] you wish to integrate. Typically this would centre around your accounting, ERP [enterprise resource Planning], POS [Point of Sale] or inventory management software, but we have also integrated many other applications and hardware components such as printers etc.

As you can imagine, there are many different applications in use and each and every one of them - and sometimes even specific versions within an application - may support different methods of getting data in and out so it can be synchronised - or integrated - with another system. Don't worry, we take care of all of this and if necessary will liaise directly with your application service provider or vendor to extract the information we need.

Next, we will discuss the business processes you wish to automate or streamline through integration. This is where we frequently contribute ideas and suggestions to help you define the best way to meet your specific needs.

Finally, we document our findings and recommendations for you in plain English so you don't need to learn "techie speak" to understand what needs to happen to achieve the desired integration.

Regardless of whether you proceed with Convergence or not, you will be so much more knowledgeable about integration in your business - that we promise.

If integrating your eCommerce website with your key business applications were easy, anyone could do it. Fact is, its not easy and therefore requires specialist skills and knowledge.


How would you know what the tangible and non-tangible benefits to your business could be if a custom designed eCommerce integration was put into place? Rely on honest and to-the-point advice from us. We will even tell you if an integration doesn't make sense and if you'd be better off investing the money in other areas of your business. 

We've invested years into designing a clear an concise process for the facilitation of integration projects. We know which questions to ask to capture your requirements. We contribute with ideas, questions and suggestions to make sure you are getting what's best for your business.

A FREE Integration Assessment will give you the answers you need to be able to make an educated decision. We take into consideration the specific end-points you wish to integrate, business processes to be automated, your network topology, any 3rd party components and of course your unique wishes and circumstances.

Every business is different. Even two businesses using the same software and systems will operate differently. That's why all of our integration solutions are custom designed to meet your unique business requirements. To this end you are getting exactly what you want and at a very affordable price.

Clarity. All your questions answered along with a clear recommendation from experts who know what they are talking about. Our FREE Integration Assessment gives you peace of mind, regardless of whether you proceed with Convergence or not.

Let us help make your business systems talk to each other

We build integrations uniquely suited to your business. Every business has their own quirks, we take yours into account so you need to make minimal change to the way you do things. 
Because we are a specialist integration company, we can work effectively on almost any system. The only real linitation being the capabilities of the system itself. We like to say if an integration can be done - we can do it.

Request A Free Integration Assessment

If you are unsure about whether or not integration can help your business, we can help. Our FREE and no obligation integration assessment is aimed at providing you with the information and answers you need to be able to make an educated decision regarding integration for your business.
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We were between a rock and a hard place for over a year and didn't know how to solve this challenge or who to talk to. Then Convergence shed light on the matter and made it happen for us in record time.
Gary Pointon, General Manager, Marketing Chemicals Ltd
Convergence Integration
Solving the challenges of eCommerce integrations for over 19 years