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What is eCommerce Website Integration?

eCommerce Website Integration is the process of connecting isolated and disparate software systems critical to the operations of your business to your website for the purpose of exchanging or synchronising data.

You have invested significant resources - both time and money - into the implementation and development of software applications and business processes to support these. Such systems include your accounting, ERP [enterprise resource planning], inventory management or POS [point of sale] software etc. and each one of these contributes to keeping your business running and producing a positive customer experience.

Now you've added an eCommerce website that's "out there" on the Internet and somewhat disconnected from the rest of your business.

Integration brings your website in from the cold and connects it with your business in a way that streamlines and automates administrative tasks saving you time and money.
If your website and business applications are not integrated, you are missing out on the true potential of eCommerce.

Convergence integration solutions are built using our CODI platform and customised to suit your unique requirements, streamlining business processes - saving you heaps of time and money!


Automatic interchange of data critical to business processes ensures smooth business operations.
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Let us help make data flow smoothly between your business systems

We build custom integrations uniquely suited to your business processes. No two businesses operate in the same way, even if they use the same systems. We look at your unique requirements and circumstances to enhance your way of doing things through smart integration. 
Because we are a specialist integration company, we can work effectively on almost any business software application and eCommerce platform. The degree of elegance your integration can achieve is largely determined by the limitations of the "end-points", i.e. applications to be integrated, themselves.

We are confident to say that if an integration can be achieved with your systems - we can do it.

Could your business benefit from integration?
Let us help you find out.

Not sure if integration might be the answer to improving operations in your business?

Consider this: Every dollar spent on administration is a dollar that could be better used in building or promoting your business. Through integration you are able to automate and streamline many time-consuming activities, freeing up human resources while delivering a more consistent and professional online experience to your customers.
During a FREE Integration Assessment we take the time to learn about your business, the systems you use and help give you the information you need to make an educated decision about integration for your business.
LEARN Learn about the different levels and methods of integration and how these can benefit your business.
FIND OUTFind out what's involved in integrating your key business systems and how this can change and streamline your business operations.
PARTNER WITH EXPERTSBenefit from our many years of experience with helping businesses like yours get their systems integrated.

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To estimate the ROI your business can expect, please enter the hourly rate and number of hours you or your staff spend maintaining and/or re-keying data on your website and your accounting/inventory/ERP/POS systems etc. This should include time to identify and resolve errors, including 'human errors' such as mis-keyed orders etc. Then select a suitable option from the estimated cost drop-down menu. 

For more accurate figures, please request an integration assessment, which will be based on your unique circumstances and provide further details. 
Convergence just made it so easy.
We spoke via Skype to confirm all of our requirements and then they just made it happen on time and on budget. It couldn't have been more convenient.
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Liz Eglinton, Founder and CEO, Snapper Rock International Ltd.
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