What does it cost to make your business systems talk to each other?

While we take care to provide you with a clear picture of what it will cost to deliver a complete, custom integration solution for your business, every integration is different and that means every integration needs a carefully considered custom price.

The real question is about business benefit

If it makes sense, a business expense is easily justified, right?

That's why we believe that the best way to look at the cost of an integration project is in two steps:

1) Establish the approximate return on your investment you are likely to achieve. Use our Online ROI Calculator to do this.

2) Firm this up with a FREE Integration Assessment to get the full story on how to go about integration for your business.

Calculate your return on investment with Convergence

To estimate the ROI your business can expect, please enter the hourly rate and number of hours you or your staff spend maintaining and/or re-keying data on your website and your accounting/inventory/ERP/POS systems etc. Then select a suitable option from the estimated cost drop-down menu. 

For more accurate figures, please request an integration assessment, which will be based on your unique circumstances and provide further details. 
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*Savings shown represent the cost of your current way of completing relevant admin tasks manually.
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Size matters

The size of your organisation is likely to be reflected in the complexity of your operations and the nature of the software applications you use. It's unlikely you will see a SMB [small to medium business] running SAP, a multi-million dollar ERP [enterprise resource planning] software. Likewise, Quickbooks simply wouldn't cut it for a medium to large organisation with multiple warehouses and complex fulfilment processes using 3PL [third party logistics] providers. So size does matter.

Having said that, in the end, it really is the "end-points" that matter and while some larger-scale software applications may support more complex business processes, they may provider better, more elegant ways of importing and exporting data in and out.

Also, you may represent a larger organisation but the business process you want to streamline and automate through integration may be a small, less complex matter.

Setting expectations

The above is the reason why we are unable to provide a straight-forward price list as such. However, to assist you and in order to provide some indication of costs, please refer to the table below.

The figures shown are for the complete integration solution, including initial requirements gathering and documentation of such along with our recommended approach and agreed acceptance criteria, the development of your custom integration solution, complete end-to-end testing, deployment into production and FREE support and fault resolution during the warranty period.

For a more exact assessment of your circumstances and environment, we encourage you to take advantage of our FREE Integration Assessment service.
Type of Business
Examples of Applications
Indicative Cost of Integration
SMB [small to medium]
Simple operation Quickbooks, MYOB etc. approx. $5,000
Medium Business Single location Sage AccPac, emPower, Infusion etc. approx. $10,000
Medium Business Multiple warehouses, external end-points [e.g. courier/freight], 3PL etc. EXO Business, Propella etc. approx. $15,000
Medium Business As above, Customer and/or Supplier EDI EXO Business, Propella etc. approx. $20,000
Large Business Complex Operations SAP etc. approx. $25,000
Note: All pricing stated here excludes GST [applicable only for companies based in New Zealand] and is indicative only. Actual pricing is likely to vary up or down depending on your unique circumstances. Please request a FREE Integration Assessment to obtain greater certainty.

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