We've been in business since 1997 and since the company's inception, both our business and the technology our customers use have changed dramatically.


It all started in 1997 with two "techies" who wanted to conquer the world of software. Soon after Mark Presnell joined the company and took the helm the business grew from a garage in Henderson to large offices in Auckland and a branch in Wellington.

For the next 12 years the focus was almost exclusively on IBM software and Lotus Notes in particular with many blue-chip companies on the ever-growing list of corporate customers. Convergence had grown to become an award winning Premier IBM Business Partner with customers across New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


With the advent of wide-spread eCommerce, we decided to focus on quality of life and work more with small to medium businesses across New Zealand and Australia.

Beginning in 2009, we developed a specialist software practice focused on eCommerce integration. We began partnering with leading website developers and companies writing accounting, point-of-sale [POS] and enterprise resource planning [ERP] software to help their clients close the gap between eCommerce websites and internal business systems.

We love helping you improve your business

If you sell your products or services online, we would love to help you realise the true potential of eCommerce. We have seen it time and time again and we still find it exciting when a business transforms once core systems have been integrated and data flows seamlessly between your online shop-front and your internal accounting, POS or ERP software.

Or perhaps you want to place or receive orders via EDI [electronic data interchange]. We can help you with that, too. Or maybe you've outsourced your entire warehouse and order fulfilment operations to a 3PL [third party logistics] provider and want packing slips to be synchronised to them automatically for streamlined order processing. We can do that, too.

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Convergence provided a good service at fair value and we were kept up-to-date regarding progress throughout the entire duration of the project.
Graham Ivory, Director, Bearing & Engineering Supplies Ltd.
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