Customer testimonial about MYOB EXO integration with two eCommerce websites, one for Streamline Supplies Pty Ltd and one for Coffee2YourDoor, both in Australia. 
Warwick Shemilt, Streamline Supplies Pty Ltd and Coffee2YourDoor, Melbourne, Australia
CODI integration linking Amtech Medical's ERP with their eCommerce website is saving the company in excess of $140,000 p.a. 
Jeremy Anderson, Amtech Medical Ltd., Whanganui, New Zealand
eCommerce integration synchronising data between Safety and Apparel's Infusion Software ERP and their Zeald ZEST eCommerce website. 
Geoff Day, Safety and Apparel Ltd., Hamilton, New Zealand
CODI eCommerce integration to synchronise data between Premier Furniture Group's MYOB EXO ERP software and THREE Magento eCommerce sites targeting specific customer groups. 
James Eguia, Premier Furniture Group, Sydney, Australia
eCommerce integration synchronising data between Infusion and Shopify implemented for Frames Footwear Ltd. 
Adam Frame, Frames Footwear Ltd., Dunedin, New Zealand

Below please find a growing list of case studies about integration projects we have delivered and implemented for some of our valued clients. Please feel free to contact us to find out more or to be put in touch with any of our reference clients.
SnapperRock website 2
EDI eCommerce Website Integration with 3PL [Third Party Logistics] Provider's Sage 100 ERP System for Snapper Rock

"Snapper Rock builds bridge between NZ and USA"
Snapper Rock International recently upgraded their website to a new eCommerce site, including comprehensive online shopping facilities for retailers / resellers [i.e. B2B] and end-customers [i.e. B2C].

Since all orders are shipped via the company's 3PL [Third Party Logistics] provider based in New Jersey, USA it made good business sense to 'close the gap' and integrate the new website and the 3PL provider's Sage 100 ERP.

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Farrel Bearings website 2
E-Business Website to Quanta Accounting Software Integration for Farrell Bearings

"Reducing on-going operational costs was key"
Farrell Bearings in Hamilton, New Zealand previously had their 'old' website integrated with their Quanta accounting software using a software that incurred an on-going annual license fee and contained features Farrells did not need.

When updating their website to a new Zeald E-Business site they were introduced to Convergence, Zeald's most recommended integration partner. A new custom eCommerce Website Integration, which reduced on-going operational costs and provided exactly the functionality needed was developed and implemented.

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Shotgun Supplements website 2
eCommerce Website Integration for Instant Order Printing at Shotgun Supplements

"Shotgun Supplements Printing Orders Hard Out"
While receiving a steady stream of online orders may be a great achievement in itself, Shotgun Supplements wanted to see these orders printed immediately and without any human intervention so warehouse staff could focus on picking and shipping. Convergence delivers intelligent Ricoh printer integration to deliver exactly that. 

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BES website 1
E-Business Website and Infusion Accounting Software Integration for Bearing & Engineering

"Bearing & Engineering going online with a purpose"
Nelson based Bearing & Engineering Supplies Ltd. was introduced to Convergence by and never looked back regarding the all-important missing link between the company's new website and their in-house accounting software.

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It was good to work with Convergence and while the project took a bit longer than expected, it was on budget and on schedule with the launch of our new Zeald website.
Carmen Walker, Office Manager, Farrell Bearings Ltd.
Convergence Integration
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