Introducing: CODI 
[Convergence Optimised Data Integration]

Question: What makes an eCommerce business "smart"? Answer: Integrated systems.

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So, what is CODI?

CODI is a cloud-based SaaS [Software as a Service] data gateway and API that enables fully automated, scheduled and/or event-triggered data synchronisation between disparate business systems.

"Endpoints" such as ERP, accounting or POS [Point of Sale] software etc. on the one hand and eCommerce platforms as well as third party applications supporting courier/freight or 3PL [3rd Party Logistics] providers on the other can be seamlessly connected using CODI.

The CODI platform provides access to 'normalised' business data pulled directly from a range of accounting, ERP, POS and other business systems and 'translates' this into suitable formats for the receiving endpoint on-the-fly.

The CODI architecture consists of a "Core Engine" and "Connectors" and allows two or more systems to fully automatically and seamlessly synchronise different data types based on different schedules/frequencies and "events".

Website developers can also write their own scripts to push/pull data between their CMS [Content Management System] or shopping carts and CODI thereby removing the need for a CODI Connector at the website end.

CODI Core Engine

The CODI Core Engine provides a platform that translates and reformats business data received from one application/platform into suitable formats for other applications/platforms "on-the-fly".

This means it is possible to easily and reliably connect different business applications - regardless of whether they are operated on your own hardware, i.e. on-premise, or in the cloud for data to be synchronised between them fully automagically.

Select which data you wish to synchronise at which time or based on which event and let CODI take care of the rest. Alternatively, initiate a manual data sync at any time.

There should be no need to update or modify some data in your business software and then update the same or some additional information on your website costing you valuable time.


CODI Connectors

CODI Connectors are available for an ever-growing list business applications as well as most popular website eCommerce website platforms. Typically, CODI Connectors will be customised/applied to your specific business requirements and data structure.

CODI Connectors can deal with additional custom fields you may have added to your ERP or business application so as to support the specific structure of your data for products, categories, variants etc. and the way your organisation operates.
CODI Architecture:

CODI Overview Diagram v1 transparent


For most eCommerce Website Integrations we focus on the uploading of two key sets of data:

Products and Customers.

Products data typically comprises a comprehensive set of relevant data from your ERP or business application. Essentially, everything required to manage product listings on your website so that all products data maintenance can happen in one place, i.e. your ERP or business application. 
For Products think:
  • product name
  • SKU# / item code
  • detailed descriptions
  • multi-level categories / product groups
  • basic pricing [e.g. RRP]
  • advanced pricing [e.g. trade, customer group discounts and even individual customer pricing]
  • PDFs for product specifications or installation instructions etc.
  • images
  • video links
  • and any other custom fields required  
For Customers its mostly:
  • address details, including multiple delivery addresses
  • account logins
  • specific pricing and/or special discounts
  • payment terms
  • and any other custom fields required
Note: The above fields are only indicative and our integration solutions will be customised to suit your specific needs.


Coming down from the website eCommerce integration solutions can synchronise online sales transactions and create pending, draft or confirmed orders or invoices directly into your ERP or business application without the need for these to be manually entered.

This can be a huge time-saver and avoids many "human errors" when large amounts of data are manually re-keyed.

Sales downloads can also include the use of coupons or vouchers and also manage loyalty points.

Stock and inventory is automatically adjusted and GST and freight are recorded to keep your accounts perfectly in sync with your online sales.
Once again, we really appreciate both you and Ellery making the time to come up with a solution for us. Convergence has been an invaluable partner to us during what was always going to be a stressful transition.
Rebecca Eguia, Project Manager - Premier Furniture Group Pty Ltd. [Sydney, Australia]
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