If you are wondering how we make this happen for you, read on.

We take the headache out of eCommerce integration and deliver a successful outcome - guaranteed!

First and foremost, we listen.

The success of our integration projects is dependent upon your input. No one knows your business better than you and so we listen to what you have to say and how you envisage it should work. 

But you say you know nothing about integration? That's OK. We do and we will provide you with the full wealth of our experience to help define the way your unique integration will work.

Whether face-to-face or via video / audio conferencing, we will guide you through a series of questions and considerations to extract all the information and details we need to build your custom eCommerce integration.

If necessary, we will liaise with the provider of your accounting or ERP software or any other end-point you would like us to integrate for you to establish the most suitable method to push and/or pull data as well as any other relevant details.

Every Convergence integration project is run based on a proven methodology keeping you up-to-date and informed at all times along the way.

We figure it out for you

Firstly, we will learn from you what it is you wish to automate or streamline. Whether that's uploading price changes to your website instantly, maintaining product additions/changes/deletions, synchronising stock levels, downloading online sales transactions to your financial accounts - or all of the above.

Next we investigate the options available with the end-points you wish to see integrated. This could involve liaising with the service provider or vendor of your business software and your website developers.

In any case, we get all the answers and construct a clear picture of how it will all hang together so you don't have to worry about the detail.

Having said that, we will keep you informed at every step along the way so you are always in the know and in control of your project's budget.


Using the most suitable methods to push/pull data to and from your key systems, we build a custom integration to suit your unique business environment and circumstances.
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What can be done, will be done.

The degree of "elegance" of an integration solution depends largely on the capabilities of the respective end-points. At the most basic level, we may need to manage manual or semi-manual creation of .csv files while at the other end of the scale we may be dealing with a well-documented API [Application Programming Interface].

There are a range of different transport mechanisms different applications support, including REST, SOAP or other Web Services. Don't worry. We will determine the best option for your circumstances. We will document our approach in "plain English" [i.e. no techo speak] and seek your approval and sign-off before we proceed.

We'll also document agreed acceptance criteria so you can check that we've delivered what you wanted at the end of the project and sign-off our work.

No Surprises

While we like to manage the scope of what we will deliver as part of your integration project quite tightly, there is always room for modifications.

Any new features or functionality you may want to introduce once the project is under way can be facilitated via our change management procedure, which provides you with the benefit of expert analysis of the impact of any proposed change along with options for you to choose from before any further cost is incurred.

This keeps you in-the-know and in control at all times.

So, could your business benefit from integration?

It may be difficult or simply unfamiliar territory for you to establish whether or not integration could benefit your particular business. In some cases it doesn't and we've been completely transparent and recommended against it in such cases. The thing is, it could possibly make a huge difference but you just wouldn't know.

Get a FREE Integration Assessment and know for sure.

You are probably not experts at integration, but we are. So we will guide you and ask all the right questions to extract the relevant information we need to design your integration solution. 
Once we understand how your business operates and what it is you want to achieve, we document these findings along with options and recommendations for the most suitable integration for your unique requirements.
Based on the details of our assessment, we will recommend the most suitable approach to solve your specific integration requirements. You will benefit from our extensive experience and combined with your knowledge of how your business works, this will result in the best outcome for you.
We are just so happy that it all works perfectly and having the integration in place really makes our new website a complete eCommerce solution.
Liz Eglinton, Founder and CEO, Snapper Rock International Ltd.
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