As more and more businesses embrace eCommerce, competition is growing along with the need to operate in the most efficient and smart way.


While in most cases a good eCommerce integration can easily demonstrate a very attractive ROI [return on investment], first and foremost it makes good business sense to automate certain activities and optimise performance of your business.

In addition, there are many 'intangible' benefits businesses operating online can realise from a customised integration based on their unique circumstances.


One of the main attractions to integration is that it can make your life a lot easier. Integration of key business processes simply means that the right thing is done when it needs to be done, all the time, every time. You can rely on key data being exchanged and synchronised between your systems to allow orders to be fulfilled, prices to be updated and inventory to be adjusted. All this, while you either take a break or focus your resources on more strategic tasks.


Because integration means that critical operational tasks in your business are carried out automatically, these tasks don't need to be "remembered" by any one person. Your business is no longer dependent upon individuals "knowing how it is done" and exposed when this knowledge leaves the business as employees move on to their next job.

Integration of your core business applications creates a complete business system that a new owner can easily continue to operate providing the same customer experience. Internal workflows run the same way they always have giving a new owner peace of mind.

Save time through automation of mundane, repetitive and error-prone tasks and re-deploy human resources to higher-value activities.

No longer will you need to deploy staff to trawl through spreadsheets, price lists and emails to manually update orders in your accounting or ERP software, update pricing or maintain products and stock levels on your website and your internal systems. These and many other tasks can be completely automated through integration.

Eliminate human error through autonomous, scheduled and/or event-based data synchronisation. Improve accuracy of stock and inventory data and significantly reduce stock take effort.

Avoid customer disappointment when the last quantity of a product was just purchased in your physical store and you haven't managed to update stock on your website yet.

Regardless of whether you track individual online orders or daily updates in your accounting software, with integration there is no more need to enter orders manually. All online transactions are immediately pulled down from your website and depending on your processes, confirmed or draft sales orders can be generated in your accounting or ERP software.

No more orders are missed, regardless of how hard and fast they flow in from your website. Automation ensures that every order is captured and recorded in your financial systems without the need for human intervention - if that's what you want. Alternatively, you may want orders to be checked before they are confirmed and fulfilled.

Keeping pricing up-to-date on your website ensures the greatest chance of sales and avoids customer complaints. There's nothing worse than a client purchasing a product online for one price and then finding the same item available in your physical store at a lower price.

Through integration pricing in your accounting or POS [point-of-sale] software can be pushed up to your eCommerce website instantly. 

Online sales transactions should immediately adjust available stock levels in your POS or inventory management system - and vice versa!

An online customer may be in the process of placing an order when the last item is sold to another customer in your physical shop. Clever integration will keep stock levels in sync and provide for exception handling to ensure your

Confirmed orders can be synchonised directly to your 3PL provider for delivery to your customer to be arranged. Inbound stock can be updated in your systems and your website automatically each time your 3PL provider receives goods on your behalf.

Where appropriate, online orders can be automatically and immediately printed in your warehouse for order picking and shipping.

Courier and freight forwarding companies offer address look-up and ticket printing systems, which can be tied directly into your fulfilment process. Labels can be printed and tracking details synchronised back to the website triggering email notifications so customers can track delivery status online.



noun: ecommerce
definition: commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.

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